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We offer Bark Briquettes, Dry Kindling Sticks, Alder Sawdust Briquettes, Wood Pellets

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A company with more than 10 years experience in wood fuel production.
Offering Bark Briquettes, Wood Pellets, Heat logs, Kindling.

We are proud to say that we have a great and innovative team, with everybody being a professional in its competency field.

Our goal is to offer the market high quality wood fuels, especially RUF bark briquettes, where we have build up an extremely modern, innovative and efficient production line.

We are invested in building a long term cooperation with our customers all over Europe.

Our Quality Bark Briquettes

Our bark briquettes are manufactured according to DIN 51731. They comply with the Federal emission protection law according to §3 Fuels and may be burned in the designated fireplaces.

Technical data:
Package weight: 12 briquettes / 12kg
Wood species: pine and spruce bark
Calorific value: 4600 Kcal/kg
Ash content: ~ 4 %
Moisture level: less than 8%
Briquette dimensions: 65 x 160 x 100 mm.
Pallet weight: 84 packages/1008 kg

The glow time of these bark briquettes dependent of the oven is from 8 to 12 hours

How do we differ from other manufacturers?

Our Bark Briquettes are produced from fine RUF pressed bark fraction, which makes them really dense which causes them to have a much longer burning time. They also have a nice beautiful look, which makes them attractive to the end customer

We work on having a constant stock at our warehouse, so that we can do fast deliveries for our customers

All our production and sales are focused on 100% customer satisfaction

We offer white label service for our customers

Why choose Bark Briquettes?

Bark briquettes are an absolute quality fuel made from pure dry bark, extremely compacted. Bark briquettes are ideally used in tiled, chimney, endurance kilns – and all other common ovens.

The glow time of these bark briquettes is dependent of the oven about 8-12 hours.

They are also called night briquettes, because of their long burning time. If you put them in to your oven in before going to sleep, it will be still pleasantly warm the next morning. The bark briquettes are very environmentally friendly, because of their CO2 neutrality. The uniform burning at high temperatures produces little emissions.

Dry Kindling Sticks

Recently we have expanded our produced product range with traditional kindling sticks made from dried softwood. Easy to light and quick to produce a good heat, fast burning.

Technical data:
Stick: approx. 180mm long x 10mm to 15mm diameter
Moisture 8-12%.
Weight: approx. 10g to 30g
Pack: 3.8kg in net bag
Packaging: 6 liter net bag
Pallet: 96  nets

Alder Sawdust Briquettes

We produce RUF type wooden briquettes made from 100% alder shavings and chips. The briquettes have a nice white color.

Technical data:
Briquette dimensions: 65 x 160 x 100 mm
Package weight: 12 briquettes / 10 kg
Wood species: alder shavings and chips
Moisture 5-8%.
Pallet weight: 96 packages/960 kg

8mm Wood pellets

We produce high-quality wood pellets from the chips of freshly sawn softwood saw logs left over in the production of furniture, doors and other products. Thus, the wood can be used completely.

Technical data:
Diameter: 8 mm
Moisture: 6 – 8%
Heating capacity: > 4800 kcal/kg
Ash content: < 0.4% Ash melting temperature: > 1500°

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